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Law Office of

Peter N. Hadiaris

23 Pleasant Lane, San Rafael, CA 94901

Voice: (415) 694-0052 Email:peter@hadiaris.com


I charge $1195.00 for uncomplicated consumer cases in chapter 7 in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Santa Rosa. This fee covers preparation of the petition, schedules, statement of affairs, and other initial documents, attendance at the meeting of creditors, routine contacts with creditors and the trustee, and reasonable telephone and in person counseling. Unlike most other attorneys, I will also defend objections to discharge or complaints regarding nondischargeability filed by creditors for no additional charge. Because of the additional work involved, I charge an extra $200 for debtors with incomes above the state median.

If your case presents complications, I may quote a larger flat fee. Also, if unexpected difficulties present themselves, you may need to pay additional hourly fees as well. My current rate is $400.00 per hour. The flat fee quoted in your initial consultation is the only fee charged in approximately 90% of the chapter 7 cases I handle.

Debtors incur fees over and above the initial retainer for attempting to avoid certain involuntary liens, requesting the discharge of student loans for undue hardship, or opposing dismissal of the case for alleged abuse. These examples are not exclusive, however.

The initial retainer for chapter 13 cases is $1195, and total fees are based on the court's guidelines and quoted on a case by case basis. In most cases, I charge according to local court guidelines. All fees after the initial retainer are paid through the chapter 13 plan.

All fees for chapter 11 cases are by the hour. The minimum initial retainer is $10,000.00 for business cases and $6500.00 for residential large mortgage cases. All initial fees are required to be prepaid before the case is filed.

The court charges a filing fee for your case as well. This fee is $335 for chapter 7 cases, $310 for chapter 13 cases, or $1717 for chapter 11 cases. You pay the filing fee in addition to my fees.


For obvious reasons, I do not accept credit cards.


Appointments are available between 10-6 Monday through Friday. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

You can schedule an appointment by e-mail, by requesting a desired time and allowing three business days to confirm. If you need to come in sooner, please call.

Initial consultations are free, and generally last from 30 minutes to one and one-half hours depending on your situation.

For the initial consultation, you do not need to bring documents. You will need to be able to discuss in general terms your assets & liabilities, and income & expenses. We can discuss how the general information in this website applies to your situation, and I can try to answer any other questions you have. However, the initial consultation may prove more useful if you bring some or all of the following documents.


To prepare your case for filing, I need to review and take information from a number of documents. You will need to provide these documents once you decide to retain me:

  • most recent bills for each debt, including debts you dispute
  • two years' tax returns
  • six months' pay check stubs
  • most recent monthly statements for bank accounts, retirement plans, etc.
  • payment coupons and payoff balances for car loans & mortgages
  • foreclosure notices
  • pleadings or judgments for any pending or recent lawsuit by or against you
  • a list of the name, address and amount owed to anyone who does not regularly send you a bill, such as family members
  • if you have been to a credit counseling agency, your monthly budget and counseling certificate.
  • DO NOT BOTHER making a list of all your credit card bills. My computer does that.